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Long time

I suppose it’s been awhile.

I feel like I’m second. In my work life and my social life. I’ve never been great at socializing being an introvert. It never seemed apparent until this weekend. I just drink or pop a Xanax to relax. I suppose I’m just afraid to face reality. Reality that I’m a failure but somehow keep succeeding. I don’t know why or how I do it. I know that if I put myself into it I’d be just another sheep (pardon the analogy). But really…what’s the point?

Can someone tell me?



I just wanted to post this while I thought aobut it…

This picture makes me smile. Not because the bird is so beautiful (it is) but because I put myself into the bird’s mind here.

What he’s saying: Dude. You are a LITTLE too close for comfort here. I can see your camera in MY retina. Back the fuck off!

Enjoy. 🙂

WTF are you DOING?

WTF are you DOING?

Weeding and such.

So on Friday we hear the door bell ring. Well I don’t hear it. Someone else in the house did. So I go to answer it. Now mind you I’ve had a couple of drinks. Hey, it’s Friday! So I come to the door and our neighbor, Cindy, is there. She asks if we are in distress. WTF does that mean? I guess because the neighbor across the street got foreclosed on, she thought we might be in trouble…

Well apparently our weeds are out of control. I admit it; they are. But they are weeds. They are organisms. Sure they don’t look pretty but jeez.

So I tell her that I just got back from vacation (true) and screwed up my shoulder (true) and tried to start the gas weed trimmer and just couldn’t (true). She said to just mow the weeds to which I replied that I was worried to throw rocks into a car window. She said just to set it on a high setting. Duh. I hadn’t thought of that one. Well the area next to the house was really over run so I mowed the weeds and it looks a lot better.

So Sunday she started tackling the neighbor’s across the street; he’s moved out now. We got a couple of pruning tools and started taking down the vegetation that has been blocking the view at that intersection. I’ll have to take pictures… (Mental Note: Take more pictures!). So after about 3 hours of this and removing a small tree and some “maple weeds” as she calls them it looks a lot better. The other home owners were pretty pleased we did that. And it was nice to get a bit of exercise too!

I got a little burned but not that bad. After we did that I weeded a bit of my yard with a new electric weed trimmer I bought. It works great as long as you have enough extension cords – which I do. 200 feet of extension cord. My sweaty calves and legs got all dirty (You dirty, DIRTY MAN! Come get me dirty!).

I showered and made dinner and gave Hope her Anniversary card which I think she liked. 🙂

It just made me realize how I need to get out and do more. Definitely gotta take care of the yard better!


So I just got back from vacation. It was very relaxing to say the least. I need to get on it and post the pictures I took to my flickr…

I had a great time mostly. Other than it wasn’t really sunny there. It rained or was overcast most of the time. But I didn’t do SHIT otherwise so did it really matter if it was sunny or not? Not really.

The lake was very calming. The train was not. I had forgotten how, at night, the train rolled a few hundred feet away from the cottage and the horn would sound due to a railroad crossing there. It was interesting listening to the different ways the engineers would sound the horn. Some would just blast it through the 5 crossings there were near the lake. Others would just give short toots as they approached. In other words, some were assholes and some were considerate. I felt like going down there one evening and mooning them as they passed the crossing. Then again I suppose the railroad didn’t need a derailing from the blinding my white ass would give.

Engineer: “OH MY GOD! I can’t SEE!” **applies brakes and skips the tracks**

Me: “Oh shit.” **smeared by train**

So pictures coming! Or at least they are breathing hard…


So I got to thinking about oil and oil companies today. It’s hard not for anyone to think about it every time they go to the pump. Then again some people are idiots.

Here are my negative thoughts:

  • The problem is not supply. Experts tell you this. So it must be the oil companies wanting to milk the consumer of all the money they can because they have the world by the balls. They just decide how hard to squeeze.

Here are my positive thoughts:

  • The US is one of the most richest nations on earth. We can actually afford to pay these prices. Most of the population anyway. The rest take mass transit. Getting back to the oil companies though they are not really in the oil business anymore. They are in the energy business and, more specifically, in the fuel business. So in order to survive in the future they know they need to develop cleaner fuel and depend less on petroleum. So the US public fronts the cash for the development of the fuel cell technology and the eventual billions or trillions of dollars to put in the support network for that technology.

More negative:

  • Oil companies don’t like the prospect of electric cars. They don’t require fuel that these oil/fuel companies will create. Moreover, because electric cars aren’t combustion based transportation they have fewer parts (e.g. cylinders, camshafts, etc.) and cost little to operate.

More positive:

  • Energy companies invest in cleaner power and can profit from the electricity needed to power the cars. Clean energy fueling clean cars.

That’s it for now. Maybe my logic is all wrong but it’s how I see it. **shrugs**

Wild Animal Crunch.

Here’s my version of this cereal:

Here at Kellogg’s we want to bring your attention to the plight of the wild animals throughout the world by creating something delicious and natural! Of course by “natural” we mean any object that has its origins on the planet earth with a radioactive half-life of greater than 1000 years.

Take a look at our second ingredient for example. SUGAR! There’s nothing more wholesome and condusive to you child’s girth…er…GROWTH than that of sugar! It’s delicious and has no real nutritional value. However it’s NATURAL!

Please note that this product is Kosher but does have traces of soybeans in it. This is due to the fact that we use genetically manipulated corn which has been spliced with genes from soybeans to render a more protein enriched product for your health! And it’s NATURAL!

So try our new “Wild Animal Crunch” and picture the baby seals on the box when you are eating it. And remember our favorite joke here at our company:

A baby seal walks into a club…

Irrational behavior.

I’m so tired.

It all started innocently enough. I expected a relaxing 3-day weekend. I kinda wanted to go to Sandy’s with Hope this weekend but then found out I was on call at the treating plant this weekend. No big deal. What could possibly go wrong?

That was the wrong thing to think…

First I get a call on Saturday from a friend. Her and her boyfriend/fiance broke up. She and he and their neighbor went to clubs and bars on Friday night. She explains they were all having a great time when they left him (rather drunk) at a table while telling him they were going to go to the bathroom.

Seems innocent enough. WRONG!

Well he had left the table by the time they got back and they spent a good long time looking for him. Well they found him and he exploded on them telling them what bitches they were. They drive home and she just expects to go to bed and hopefully talk about it in the morning. Nope. Wasn’t gonna happen. He contiuned his tyrade and literally threw her out. I mean physically picked her up and threw her out. Wow. There’s a real man.

So she was gone on a road trip the next day and found out that he threw all of her clothes in the dumpster. So she called me to go get them. I happened to run into him while I was waiting for security to show up (which never did by the way) and explained that I was here to get her clothes to which he replied “I’d rather you didn’t.” Yea right. I came all this way just to turn around. So I explain I’m just here to help and what you two need to finger out is between you. I asked him if we’d have any problems and he said no. So I collected her things.

She and her friend came over and ended up staying the night and we had a good talk. She’ll be good. She’s smart, beautiful and strong. She’ll find someone better in no time.

I just hate the fact that she had to go through this to learn this about him. I’m glad she gave him the chance to change but he’s not going to.

On that note I do have a nice new trinket on my keychain. **grins**

More to come on the rest of my weekend. Perhaps.